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Welcome to the AJET Peer Support Group's Wiki. The AJET Peer Support Group (AJET PSG) is an anonymous and confidential listening and referral service for the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET [1]), and can be contacted every night of the year from 8pm to 7am at 050-5534-5566 (or voice call (not IM) via Skype at AJETPSG). Anybody is welcome to contribute to this wiki. We will continually update the resources. To help us provide up-to-date and accurate information, feel free to contact us at at or call the hotline at 050-5534-5566. You can connect with the AJET Peer Support Group on Facebook and you can follow the AJET Peer Support Group on Twitter!

Resources by Topic

The Resources by Topic section lists a wide variety of articles and links.

Resources by Prefecture

Follow any of the links below to access prefectural information.
Prefectural Resources
Useful Contacts in Japan
AJET Peer Support Group
AJET Block Representatives


PSG does not endorse any outside agency listed in this wiki unless expressly stated. These resources are meant as a guide: Please use your own discretion when deciding if to use the information. If you have an issue with any information provided or would like to add any entries please contact the PSG team at or call the hotline at 050-5534-5566.